The material needed to built rockets

The material for building rockets

Before the celebration, a little bit after Christmas, dozens of people in Vrontados start to make their rockets. They make the shells, fill them up, hit them, close them and add the fuse and the rocket wood. This procedure was performed thousands of times from the people of Vrontados for hundreds of years.

from a local’s perspective


Firstly the shell is made. For that, stripes of paper are used. These are layered on top of each other until a tube is formed which is held together with a special glue. Next it is clenched with a special technique to form a tip where later the fuse will be attached. When the shell is ready it is filled up with a mixture of coal, brimstone and niter. After finishing this step the mixture is pressed together with the help of a hammer. Next the rocket is closed and the rocket wood is placed. Then the rocket is ready to be used in the traditional Rocketwar!

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