A German View of the Rocketwar

Greece is crazy. Greece is an adventure. Greece makes everything possible. Greece is living life to the fullest. Greece is on fire – full of energy. The Rocketwar unites these traits in an event that is – for sure – unique in the world.

“Something like this is only possible in Greece”, a local of 63 years, who emigrated to England, tells me. I meet him in the yard of a house close to Panaghia Erithiani that…

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North or South?

Before the Rocketwar we went up the hill in Vrontados. From there we had a tremendous view of the valley: we could see both churches and almost all the spots from where they launched the rockets.

Just a few minutes later we were joined by a group of Greek people and one of them asked us if we were supporting the North or the South side. He told us that we had to support one team, that it was the tradition. “No one can stay neutral.” He and his friends were supporters of the South side, the groups who were shooting at Agios Markos. So we decided to root for…

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Mission Rocketwar: Revealing a Secret

Andrei is a dedicated young reporter from Romania. Only 20 years old, he went fearlessly into the war zone to get in contact with the local shooters.

It was around 10pm when he succeeded in entering the critical area, the fire line of Agios Markos. As clever as he is, he quickly found out where to go and whom to ask. After exploring the neighbourhood he decided to approach a group of paramedics on the Panagia Erithiani side. This turned out to be a clever decision in many perspectives. They did not only take care of all kinds of…

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Two Belgians amid the Rockets

Vrontados – a small town on a calm Aegean island. However, this town has a peculiar habit. Every year on Easter Saturday the night sky is lit up with thousands of rockets.

Starting from December locals build rockets. On the day before Easter some brave men install the launching pads for the rockets. With the necessary aid of beer and refreshments the men adjust these platforms to aim the rockets at the other church. Some rockets are being fired to check…

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